An Introduction…

Recently I’ve been thinking how should I develop this idea since I had the epiphany that in order to embrace this blog and life I should do a list, like I always do, but this list would be special, this list would take me places, challenge me, help me work my fears, and kick my ass off my comfort zone, witch I’ve been for at least 5 years.

I want to apologize in advance for all the grammar mistake that I might make in the future…I have no excuses, I just want to explain that normally I write in spanish (since I’m a mexican girl, that is normal), and this would be my first try exposing myself in English. So please have patience with me.

I had started other blogs before with different purposes. The first one was cathartic (and that is how i named it), it helped me overcome a difficult breakup and the whole adaptation process after finishing college and returning home. The second one was inspired by the movie Julie & Julia and it was my way of putting me out of my coma state, forcing me to write everyday, research things that I’ve always wonder about, discovering poetry, new music, artist, movies and making my life richer and rediscovering myself. And finally the third one (is a charm) would be about my bucket for my 30th birthday. Time limit, may 9th 2015.

Lets the festivity begin!

* * For the record, I started this blog on september 2013, and it was good, but sadly the amazing platform where I upload it is shoting down this month so, I’m trying to recover what I had already done. I would be taking all the pieces from there to here, my new home.


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