109. Go to a traditional festivity, or fair or festival

I went to “El Brinco del Chinelo” (“brinco” means jump, and Chinelo is the figure in the picture with the long chin), it is celebrated during Carnival season in a small town of Morelos named Tepoztlan.

“El Brinco” it’s like a dance, the band of each district of Tepoztlan has it’s own group of Chinelos, so they dance around the main square and invite the people there to jump/dance with them.

The costumes and the mask are to represent the spanish people during the conquest, that is why all of their faces are really white. But in their backs most of them have painting of the Guadalupe Virgin or the legend of the Popocatepetl and the Iztlacciuatl (that are the biggest volcanos in Mexico), or significant images of the Mexican culture.



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