104. Forget my smart phone home for a day

This was a test for me, probably I haven’t let it sit so much time ever. I decide to try not to used it the whole weekend, I just check it out a few times to see if there where important calls. But I didn’t check my email, whatsapp, play in it, upload any pictures at Instagram, or check Facebook for the latest gossip.

That weekend was a retirement in a Buddhist center where I go sometimes to learn to meditate. But that weekend was a especial festivity for one of the Buda’s and if you maintain yourself away from food, bad thoughts, killing (it’s not like I kill a lot of things in a normal day, but this involve ants, and every creepy creature like cockroaches…), and bad behavior, you could clean your karma. And who doesn’t need a better karma?

So I went to the retirement, I woke up very early in the morning because the prostrations started at 7 am, we meditate, did some chants, and the first day you could eat light, so we prepared the meal for everyone witch involve fruits, salad, humus, cracker, and stuff like that. No meat.Then we did some more prostrations, meditated a little more, and then we went to our houses. But we shouldn’t eat anything else. until monday!! (I was a little worried about that, because my mood depends a lot in the amount of food I have). So to stop me from temptation I went to bed early.

And on sunday we repeat what we did on saturday but without the food break, it was more like a sleep break. And surprisingly I wasn’t in a bad mood, I was in the garden enjoying a little bit of sun, watching nature and things happen. I was happy and calm, very calm.

When it ended I went to my house and sleep early felling really good and a little bit detached from my phone, which was kind of the point.



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