72. Reed a book in 1 night

It’s funny how sometimes you start seeing something everywhere, like mystical signs, that you most try something or go somewhere or in this case read a book!

This book start to appear at me a lot, in the reading suggestions of the waiting area of my therapist, people mention it randomly in conversations and stuff like that, so I decide to give it a try.

I read it in one day, not one night, I don’t read that fast. It would be awesome but no. But it count, I have never read a book in a day, just starting and don’t putting it down until you’re done. I felt really nerdy (in a good way :)).

The book is good, It has some truths about life, basically the four agreement witch you should follow and apply in life are: 1. Be impeccable with your words (witch is quite hard to follow, but it’s something really positive), 2. Don’t take anything personal (tricky but it’s so true, soooooooo true…the world doesn’t spin around ourselves), 3. Don’t make assumptions (this one is really difficult for me, I always assume, I’m trying to apply it) and 4. Do your best always (always!).

That’s it four simple recommendations, to improve yourself, and your life in general, put together in one tiny book thanks to the author: Miguel Ruiz.


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