86. Drink Mate

When I went to Argentina a few year ago I didn’t tried the mate because everyone warned me that it was a strong drink and to some people it isn’t good for their stomachs. So for prevention of ruin my vacation, I just bought the herb, and the special cup where you drink it.

But when I came back I didn’t tried it either, My mate sat in my cupboard for 2 years or something like that; yes, shame on me!

I treated the cup witch was the first step to finally used it, and to do this you have to put a lot of mate with some water and let it rest for a night then you rinse it and voilá! you’re ready to try it!. So I prepared the water just like a normal tea. And then I took a sip. It tasted kind of bitter like green tea, but nothing out of the ordinary, I think the greatest part of drinking mate is the cup. It’s really original.


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