96. Eat something really strange, like grass hoppers or something like that

I have always been curious about some of the Mexican flavors. There are so many weird things that people eat sometimes, like ear tacos, or maguey warms, eyes, etcetera. So I wanted to try something like this, something bold.

I didn’t eat  the grass hoppers alive,  they where already fried or roasted, I’m not sure; But I ask for a quesadilla with this things in it in the food market. At first I was a little bit scare, but after the first bite, I realize it wasn’t bad at all.

They are very, very crunchy, salty but the taste of the insect per se was really light,  so I really liked it. I’m not sure if I would try them alive, because I have heard that they try to get out of your mouth, and stuff like that… But this way I enjoy them a lot.


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