21. Run in a race (I want to see what is the fuzz about running on a sunday)

Normally I don’t run, I walk because when I run me ankles bend and I end up in the floor, but I started to see (in Facebook, mostly) that all of my friends started running every day magically after they got married. First all of them where getting engaged, then it was the wedding then the running. And in México city there is a race every weekend.

So even though I suck at it, I wanted to give it a try. I signed up with a my friend Guissele. We went to pick up our running package witch included the chip that register your time, some gifts from Sedal, the number of registration, and the shirt to run with.

The race was on saturday night, It wasn’t on a sunday morning but it was a race so it counts. It was in Chapultepec forest and we were 5,000 competitors glowing with glow sticks (Because It was Sedal Glow Race). The warm up was at 8:30, and after 25 minutes the count down started.
At 9 pm we were crossing the start line just at the same time the rain start to fall, so after the first 100 mt we were soaked.

I run the first two kilometrs without any problem, but the third and the fourth I had to slow down to catch my breath and recover a little from the side stitch I got. But the fifth one was the best, all the people behind me started cheering everyone, like: “Hey, you can do it!”, “We’re almost there”, “It’s only one more” and things like that. So I kept running and when we where about to cross the finish line the people outside the race where cheering too, saying: “Hey you did it”, “you make it”, “Wooo”.

So I got it, Is not just the exercise part (witch is great), is also the empowerment, of achieving a goal. It doesn’t matter if you end last, is the fact that you make it, that you run; And also is that part: the cheering, sometime you really need that, It’s a booster what can I say!

I cross the finish line after 38 minutes and went find my friend, and after getting our medal we ran to her house to take a hot shower and cover in blankets to warm up, we order some expensive tacos as a reward for running in the cold.


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