4. Visit Teotihuacán

(I know, shame on me. Almost 30 and I haven’t been in one of the most important archeological sites of my country). Yes, until october of last year I have never been in Teotihuacán. I’m not sure why, there are no excuses. But I’m making up for that time, It’s better now than never.

I went with my best friend, her husband and his husband best friend. We arrived very early because it was a sunday and on sundays everything is full.

We climb to the top of the sun pyramid witch is 71 meters high (232.94 feet tall), we sat there to recover our breaths and saw the amazing view.

It’s something totally impressive. This place makes you admire the magnificence of the people that built this, with not much more as their own strength.

We walked all the “death road” witch is 2 km long (16,404 feet) to the moon pyramid. I climb that one too, witch is a little bit smaller (43 meters/ 141.08 feet), but the stairs where bigger or something (maybe I was just worn out from the first one). Then we walked back through the “dead road” and went to the museum that is in there.

I was so happy to see that there was a lot of people in the pyramids, and the museum, wanting to lear more about our culture. And I was really glad to finally visit this place.


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