69. Talk after inhaling helium

I always wanted to do this, I guess since I saw the movie My best friend’s wedding; But I’ve never had the chance (because it isn’t really often when you stumble upon an helium tank, sad but true). So in december of last year I went to Party land and bought my balloon.

I went home, and first I didn’t notice that pitchy voice, I guess I inhale a very small amount, but the second time I inhale more and it was really funny, I actually sounded like the chipmunks, so I started to sing a song I learn from a friend that was scout. This song is about noodles so it was perfect for the occasion.

I even record myself, singing it. I would tried to upload that, at least the audio. So you can laugh with me a little.

Here is the song “chan” translated:

I have one noodle, one noodle

that moves over here, moves over there (this part has a dance too),

all sticky, with a little bit of salt

3 oil drops

and you eat it

and go out to dance!



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