84. Lear to whistle like a boss

It seems that everyone knows how to whistle loudly, but for me it always been impossible to do it, I only learn how to whistle like a little bird, and I have tried to learn to whistle like the new yorkers call a cab on movies before, but I guess I never put my heart on it.

I looked in youtube for a lot of tutorials, a lot!, and I finally founded one that explain it very simple, step by step (with apples lol); SO I practice all day, and the next, until finally I got it. It’s that loud, but it’s better. I’m not sure if a taxi would stop if I whistle though. But it works.

As you can see in the picture, is not the normal way of whistling, but of all the forms to do it out there, I find that this was the easier. It looks really weird though.

And now I have a powerful whistle to call my cat when is bed time!


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