6. Go to Machu Pichu

This was an amazing adventure! But I have to warn you, if you’re planing to go you should take the train, not the van! trust me.

I booked my trip to Machu Pichu on a travel agency that I thought it was the one that the people I met recommended, but It wasn’t, but I realized that after I had already paid, so I was I little bit nervous about it, because It’s common in Peru this kind of scams. So if you are planing to go I recommend you to go to Loki’s hostel which have a travel agency and they are good.

I was waiting where they told me they were going to pick me up, and I started to panic when they didn’t arrive sharply. But after a 20 minutes or so, the van arrived, then we pick up more people and finally we started our trip to Aguascalientes.

I met in the van an Argentine woman, a guy from Chile and another one from Germany, And we started talking. Then I started panicking again, because the road to Aguascalientes is in the mountains and is two ways, and it narrow, and the guy driving was like 13 years old and he was driving at 120 km/hr. So collective panic, not just me. But the view of the mountains was awesome.

Then we got to the hydroelectric station, they told us we should walk 10 kilometer to Aguascalientes following the railroad tracks. So we started walking. On one side we had the Aguascalientes river and the mountains, and on the other side there was like jungle. And we walked for like 2 hours or so, until we finally got to Aguascalientes. Then our tour guide (in my case Yaguar) arrived, they took us to our hotels, we got some dinner and he explained some things about how to get to Machu Pichu the next morning.

The next day I got up at 5:00 am, I walk to the bus station which was already full, bought my bus ticket, and waited for my turn. We got to Machu Pichu in 20 minutes. I waited for the tour guide and when the group was complete we got in.

I was completely speechless. The fog from the morning was covering part of the mountains, and as morning passed the fog began to reveal the ruins, and the view. It was early so there wasn’t that many people, so we could enjoyed it. And just be mesmerized about it.

The guide told us about the theory of what was Machu Pichu for the inca’s, explain us about their construction, and how people lived there. After I few hours we got some free time before we had to leave. I went to the Inca road, took thousands of pictures, and then I sat there and just admire the place.

This has been one of my favorites of the list.


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