11. Do a Tandem Jump

This was awesome and beyond.
I always wanted to do this, it’s been on my list since for ever and finally the 23th of march of 2014 I did it.

When I started reading online for some inspiration for my bucket list I notice that this item was in most of the lists I found, and I think it has to do with the fact that most of us would love to fly, I think that is the core of it, and even though is not quite like flying (actually you’re falling) it makes you feel free, and completely and absolutely happy.

Joanna and Alejandro came with me and waited by my side until it was my turn. I was really nervous before I got to the plane, when I signed the form that if something happen to me is was basically my fault because I wanted to do this, when they put me the parachute and explain to me how should I arch myself when we jump, and I was really nervous when they call name to get in the plane. I jumped with 6 other people from the airplane, and I was last to go. When I reach the door, I turn like the instructor said, and suddenly I was falling, smiling and screaming my lungs out. Everyone I saw landing had the biggest smile in their faces.

The true is that you don’t feel the void sucking at you like when you are in a roller coaster, or things like that. You actually feel total bliss, that is the word.

If it is in your list you should do it, and enjoy each and every minute that it last.
Because like great things in life it didn’t last long, it was like 17 minutes since I got in the plane, till we land on our feet safe and in one piece, but like I said before it was worthy every penny and every minute.

No wonder why people became addicted to this.


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