81. Sit in a park and watch people go by

This was my favorite place in Cusco. It’s call plaza Regocijo witch in english would be rejoicing square, or joy square (and in quechua is Plaza Kusipata). It’s surrounded by weeping willows, the grass is full of flowers and it has a fountain in the center and it silence the noise of the traffic.. There are some benches around were you can sit and just be.

I bought a chocolate chip cookie in a place named La Valeriana, and went there to enjoy the morning. I saw people sat in the fountain and laugh, other people sitting in he benches were talking to each other, the guy beside me was studying and the people were just chilling. I stay there hearing the rumor of the fountain. And absorbed that perfect moment. Trying not to think just “rejoicing” with the moment.

After a while, I got up and let someone else enjoy the place.



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