28. Eat a delicious ice cream without guilt

Ok, I’m going to tell you where to get the best ice cream in México city, and that is in “Helados Roxy” (that is the name of the ice-cream shop), they are in La Condesa (a Neighborhood on the city) in Tamaulipas street, corner with Alfonso Reyes.

I have tried like 7 flavors only, but they have a lot more. I can say that the best I tried so far is the one of macadamia nuts. Unbelievable!.

I went with my friend Joanna, she got the mandarin flavor and was really good too, it was just like you where eating the fruit. We sat in one of the little tables outside the ice-cream shop and slowly enjoyed our dessert, our reward after a very productive weekend.
And while we were eating we watch the people go by but most of them stop at the corner to buy one ice cream too, we even saw a guy in his pajamas.

And seriously if you are eating this amazing ice cream, you just can’t feel guilty, it would be a sin.





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