47. See the view from an air balloon

This was very fun to do because it actually everything that could go wrong did.
First they change the date of the festival from may to june, and because of that the weather was rainy and not the best for flying an air balloon, but the organizers didn’t cancel the event, even though everything was damped.
Nobody knew if they were going to inflate the balloons, but finally at 7 pm they did. They inflate 1, the festival was of just one balloon, and because a lot of people wanted to try it, well, the ride was pretty quick, like 5 minutes quick, and the altitude be causes of the weather was like 5 meters of the ground.
I went with Joanna, her husband and Pepe, and we managed to be the first in the line so we climb in the basket and we laugh the 5 minutes we where up joking about it.


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