27. Do a poetic act on the streets

This year I’ll been looking a lot of pictures with this great phrases in the walls of several cities around the world. I saw one in Cusco and there is people in Pinterest that have a complete board of them. So far my favorite it’s been one that I saw in Ciudad Valles, that said: Me fui a ser feliz, no se cuando vuelva. The translation would be: “I leave to became happy, I don’t know when I would be back.
So I decide that I should do one, normally this phrases are painted with black paint, but Joe and I did ours with chalk, which I believe is less invasive. Even that I like them, this are normally painted in walls, abandon walls, mine was painted in an old house.
It was something really thrilling, I know that it wasn’t something that big, but it felt like breaking the law or what ever.


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