89. Send a message in a bottle

Ok, I decide to change this a little bit. Mostly because this summer I went to Cancún and sadly I saw a lot of garbage in the sea while I was scuba diving. And also a friend of mine, made me watch Mission Blue (which you can watch too in Netflix!!!! It’s a great documentary). And this and that, made me feel unsure about throwing more crap to the sea, even if it was for a “good” purpose, or an experiment.

And It got me thinking. What is the deal with the message in a bottle?

Well basically is send a anonymous message to universe, hoping someone will receive it and find it useful or, intereting, or anything they need in that moment in orther to conect with me: the sender.

So, what I decide to do was, put a small message (a quote basically) in a bill and send it out there, and hope that it could mean something for someone.

The message would be: Every passing minute is another chance to turn it all around. It’s a quote from Vanilla Sky, and it meant a lot to me when I heard it the first time, and it still does. Isn’t it great? every passing minute! we just sometime don’t see it that way, but it is.



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