95. Visit an old library and look for a book with a dedicatory and start a collection

The first weekend of may (of this year) I started celebrating my bday with Joe and Alejandro. First we went for lunch, and then Joe ask Alejandro to leave us in La Condesa so we could start bar hopping, (she suggest that we should visit 30 bars and drink 30 shots in one night… lol).
After driving around looking for a bar that foursquare recommended, we end up in El Pendulo, which is an amazing library with a cute cafe.

So we start talking and checking out the books, and then I saw that they have a small section where they have used books. So I started opening the books, looking for a dedicatory that pop out. Joe started looking too. She told me that she wanted to write more, and I told her that I was starting my collection of poems, she told me that she loved Neruda, and that I should checkout the poems of E. Allan Poe. And suddenly she saw a book in the top shelf and she told me that Ruben Dario was the first poet that she discover, and when she opened the book, there it was, the magic dedicatory. We were really excited about it and we continue looking for more. We found one with an open envelope and on the back were write down all the pages of the book that previous owner liked, and we also found a pocket size of Jane Eyre that had little flowers hidden in the pages. And I decide to take that too because Jane Eyre was the reason I decide to start a collection of books with the dilatory, because of the movie Definitely maybe.
I plan to continue this collection, there is something awesome about it, like being part of an old history.


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