106. Do a geocach challenge

I tried do this first in Cuernavaca, but the container was in a tree and I couldn’t reach it. So a few months a go when I went to see Jess I found out that there where 2 geocach near by her house so I told them about it and we start looking with the application. It was hidden in one of the columns of the gate of Chapultepec castle entry so I “Kill to birds with one shot” lol (I’m not sure if that is the actual translation of that, but seems legit…lol)

The little can, as you can see in the picture is a little rusted, so it was a difficult to open. But when I finally did, I discover a sticker, a bracelet, and a very bad quote…kind of pessimistic, but also was this list of the people that has found it before me, so I wrote my name and the date and leave a “jewel” that I kept from the water bottle of the offerings of the budist retreat that has been blessed, and I took the taxi sticker.

I think that the geocach are awesome, and really fun to do with your friends.


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