12. Plant a tree

This has been in my list since for ever too, and it is also an item that repeat in most bucket lists I saw, but unlike the tandem jump I got to say this is much more easy and way less expensive. I’m not sure why I haven’t done it before.

To make the most of the long weekend, I decide to this, so I went to the greenhouses with my mom and we start searching for some tree. Here in Cuernavaca the ficus is a very common tree, there are everywhere. I didn’t mind to plant that, but my mom have something against them. So we were searching for another option and we found a japanese guava tree that aparently gives little purple guavas. So I bought it (I got to say that the leafs look a lot like the ficus, lol) and I took it home.

I don’t have exactly a garden in my house is more like a mini flower bed surrounded by cement, but still I made somE room there and manage to plant my little tree. I hope it give guavas some day.


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