49. Visit the Chapultepec castle

Chapultepec Castle is where the heroic boys defend our homeland in 1847 during the war between México and USA. I have never visit this place before, and It is so beautiful.

It maintain the decoration from the epoch in the upper floor and downstairs is a museum full of mementos from the past of Mexico, like old tools, books, clothes and furniture that people used from 1800 to 1920 or so.

There is also and amazing wall painted by Siqueiros representing the revolution of México and all the death that the civil war left behind.

There are also a lot of letter that Juarez wrote during his term, and some of the constitutions that where written before the one of 1917 as well as that one.
A very cultural tour for any given sunday. By the way on Sundays the entrance is free.


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