80. Visit a museum that I haven’t been at

The true is that normally when I go to México city I go to a restaurant or a bar with my friends, but we almost never go to an exposition, or a museum, or things like that. And there is so much in México city to enjoy, so I decide to do something about it.

My pick was the Modern art Museum. First I saw the Esmeralda exposition, which was a collection of this art school. There were really great pieces, I liked one that was made of wood of different sizes, shapes and darkness and it all form a human silhouette. Also it was a painting named “Chica Vampiro” (vampire girl) from Ivan Villaseñor that was really good, he capture all the weirdness of this young girl, she was wearing a corset, had deep eyes and her mouth and chin was painted in red, really freaky. There was an amazing painting from Benito Messenger named “Metamorfosis” (metamorphosis) and that is the one in the picture from this post. This painting talked to me, I found it real and full of craziness emerging in warm colors through the back, I liked it a lot.

Upstairs was Remedios Varo exposition. I discover this artist because of Ale Alonso, she loved her and the show my once the painting named “La despedida” (the goodbye), wich wasn’t in the expo but it was “Mujer saliendo del psicoanalista” (Woman going out of the psyconalist) wich is my favorite.
Her paintings have a lot of symbolism, with multiple perspectives and very surreal atmosphere and her technic is impeccable full of detail and meticulousness and that is something that you can only appreciated seeing the real thing.


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