52. Watch “Howl’s moving castle”

I’m not sure why this movie was in my movie list, but it has been for years. Maybe I read a review, or maybe it was because it’s the same director of “Chihiro’s trip” and that is a good reference, but whatever reason that it was there, it was a good call.

Just as “Chihiro’s trip” this movie is full of magic and weird characters, The castle by himself is such an amazing character, it’s totaly eclectic, ugly, and messy but it became home for a bunch of outsiders in war time.

I loved all the characters and their personalities, but if I had to choose, my favorite, It would be Sophie, because she’s a fighter in any circunstances; she became an old lady by a spell cast on her and she did the best with it, she even got herself a family. She is the heart of the family.

Really great movie, crazy, but I totally recommend it.


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