54. Watch “2001: A Space Odisey”

In college everyone talked about this movie; in my semiotic class we talked a lot of it, and the biggest ellipsis in the cinema industry.

But the truth is that I’ve never seen it, so i decide I most, for the safe of humanity, even thou I’m not a Kubrick’s fan.

It actually was more difficult than I thought it would be, I had to watch it in 2 parts. I’m not criticizing the movie, is just I’m used to the modern films where everything is very explicit and incredible fast, and this movie takes his time to develop each detail, there are scenes of 5 minutes were is no action at all, so I had to concentrate a lot.

But for the second part I was more prepare. Something it really catch my attention was the music, in the mystery parts there are only voices in different tones, making a really creepy sound that actually gets in your nerves. It’s really amazing how just voices can tense thing up.

After I finish watching I had to read about it, to see if I understood right the idea of it, because at the end I thought It was like a restart of the astronaut; And in some point it is, He is restarting but as a Super human.

I read that the idea was, that some alien form put the monolith to affect the evolution of the primates so they could became what we are now, and after a while when we rich our highest point of evolution as humans we would have to evolve as a super human, that is why the other monolith was set in the moon of the earth. It’s a really complex movie with a lot of symbolism in it, probably I need to watch it again to fully appreciated all.

Also I finally understood a parody from The Simpsons (Halloween special), when they have a super intelligent house with a machine just like HAL 9000 that falls in love with Marge


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