16. Dye my hair chocolate reddish

I have always wonder how would I look with red hair, normally it is black or dark brown, but this time I wanted something different, so for my birthday this year I decide to change it red.

I had done some failed attempts before, the first time I painted over the previous black color so it didn’t work, and second time I try to do some red highlights but they lasted for 1 week and that was it. This time I did it right. I went to a salon, my hair haven’t been dye for at least 3 years so it could absorb the color, and they didn’t bleach it because the tone that I decide wasn’t that light.

The coolest part of the processes was the moment that put the mystic machine that heat the color, it could be part of a psifi movie, and while it moves, it play Twinkle Twinkle little star, so you can calm and enjoy the process. Lol

And the end it look good, I’m still wearing that color. Probably I’m gonna leave it like that till the end of the year. It was a good new look.

Some things about red hair, it became a lot lighter than when you start in a few weeks, so it is my advice to start with 2 or three tones darker that what you want, If not you’re going to end up with orange hair, and orange hair doesn’t look good in all people. You have to be like Mila Jovovich to pull that one gracefully.


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