73. Visit the place where my grandparents grew up

During my summer vacation this year went one day to Mérida, to look for the place where my grandparents grew up.

My grandfather was born in Uman, a little town near by Mérida (the capital city of Yucatán), so I took the bus and arrived at Umán in 30 minutes. I didn’t know the adress of the house of my grandpa, but I wanted to visit his old town. So I walked through the main square, It was a very sunny day, and for my luck I found an ice pop seller, and a bought a delicious coconut ice pop cover in chocolate, and I continue walking through the streets, I got in the garden of the main church and took some pictures, and then It was time for me to came back to Mérida and search for my grandmother house.

This was easy to find because she used to live in the civil registrer office. So after I return to Mérida from Unán in the bus, I took a taxi to the adress my mom gave me. I arrived to the building and I ask the guard if I could wonder arround a little. He scort me through this old house which has been remodel, but it still have something of the old days, like the architectural finishings of the house, and the floors. I remembered some of the stories that my grandma used to told me about their vegetable patch and how I used to picture it huge, and when I saw where it supposed to be It wasn’t that big, And how she used to climb to the roof top with her sister and jump from house to house.

It was great to do this, I felt this conected me a little bit more.




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