75. Learn to scuba dive

I learn to scuba dive this summer. I went to Cancún for my anual vacation and I signed in for the Scuba Dive Open Water certification. And after month reading and studying for the exam I finally send evrything, and I did it. So now I’m officialy a diver!

I love the expirience, It’s amazing everything that is in the underneath the suface. I saw turtles, some sea urchins, all kinds of coral, 2 huge pufferfish, some manta-ray, and all colors and sizes of fish.

It wasn’t difficult for me to lear how to breath throgh the regulator, what was the most difficult part was to maintain my hands in the holding possition that they suppose to be. But I hope that with some practice I would make it next time.

Time under water pass in very different way, it’s really weird. It goes faster than anything else. One minute I have just started, and the second later it has pass one hour and it was time to go.

It’s such a peaceful activity, so zen. You contemplate and focus on your own breathing! Seriously amazing.


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