14. Listen to Sigur Ros Live!

I was so excited last year when I found out that Sigur Ros was going to come to México to the Corona Fest of 2013. I had read (in Music for Kids who can’t read good) an article about one time when he saw Jonsi, (the leading singer of Sigur Ros) and he said it was one of the best concerts he have ever been at, and that guy has seen probably everyone.

And Oh my, he was right and beyond.

I arrived to the Corona Fest in the morning and heard some bands like Capital Cities, and Deap Valley, but as the hour for the Sigur Ros concert got closer I decided to move to the stage they where going play, so I could get a good place. Jimmy eat World was singing when I arrived so It was really cool. Then after they finished Fun was suppose to go next, but they cancel. So I sat there with some other few people and we waited.

When It was time for the concert to start, the place was packed, then Jonsi present the band with very few words and they started to play.

The screens in the stage started to project images and lights that syncronize with his voice and the music. At some point I saw Jonsi started to play his bowed guitar. His voice, even though we didn’t understand one word of any of theirs songs he was able to make us feel so much, only with the intensity of his voice, and his amazing music.

Thousands of people like me were just moved by the music, and the sentiment this band put in their songs. You might not understand what they are singing about but the felling is there. At some point I was just so excited that I cried, and all the people around me there were so moved too, you could see them raising theirs hands trying to feel more or trying to reach the music that they were hearing, some how.

Sigur Ros is with any doubt the most talented band I have seen, they included in their music a so many instrument and they complete it all with the visual part so you can experience the music with more than just one sense.

At one of the last songs we all were imitating the sounds in unison. It was a breath taking concert hands down.

The photo I’m using it’s really bad, but I didn’t want to miss anything so, I just took like 3 quick pictures and this one was the best.


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