65. Travel through a highway with a good soundtrack

I got my inspiration for this from the movie “Elizabethtown”, though I didn’t got a special folder with instructions for the road, I did chose some good music for it, and it was really good.

I’m not an ace driving, and I have never drive through a highway, So I chose a really easy one. I drove from Cancún to Playa del Carmen on the car my friend Tania lent me while I was in Cancún.

I prepared myself with an amazing soundtrack for the road, which was the most important part of this task, so I pick some of my old time favorites songs, some new ones, and of course I put “My father’s gun” by Sir Elton John to honour the movie that inspire me.

At first I was a little nervous, because it wasn’t my car, but after a few minutes I relaxed and enjoyed the ride, and the music. I chose the highway because it’s straight, with no curves, no tricky stuff, lol!

I arrived at Playa del Carmen at 9:00 am and had some breakfast then I walked a little though the 5th avenue, and then went to see my aunt.

It’s so much better to drive on a highway than in the city, less traffic, less problems, more speed…I really enjoy it.


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