35. Paint something new

I had stop painting for a while, not sure why. I guess it has to do with the fear of not being good enough at it. So, to conquer and overcome that thought, I did this.

I have been seeing Frida Kahlo’s work lately, so I guess I got a little inspiration from her for the veins of the heart.

In case you’re not sure what it is: It is a tree.

A small explanation about it: I cut all the words that I think describe me (the good words) and I form the trunk, the roots and the branches of the tree and for the leafs I used pieces of cd’s to represent my love for music, witch is a huge part of me. By the way I didn’t kill a music cd, it was an old radio homework. An the heart conect with everything and it is the pulse that is making the tree move. Well at least that was the intention when I painted the roots that way.

The eye…Is the eye that see it all!! jajaja just kiding. I’m not sure what the eye means but, I like to draw eyes, always.

So this is my baby step to start painting again. Yei!



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