10. Visit Xilitla and the Edward James gardens

A friend of mine recomendend me this place, and the Huasteca Potosina in general a few years back. So this year I organized the trip, and in Easter I took the bus to Ciudad Valles.

I booked the trip with Huaxteca.com and it was really fun. I got an activity for each day I staid in Ciudad Valles, and one of those activities was to visit Xilitla where the Edward James gardens are.

We got there and because it was the holy days it was full, and I really mean full. But even like that, the place has it’s own magic.

Our guide told us that Edward James bought this places because he loved orchids, and when he first arrived to Xilitla there were thousands of them. But one winter the temperatures drop terribly and apparently it snowed, and all the orchids died. Since then, there haven’t grow again.

Edward James was a surrealism fan and he build this place inspired in that; there are stairs that go up to nowhere, lancet arches that frame the wild life growing around, and a huge orchid in the center of one part of the gardens, I guess to honor the orchids that died.

It’s a really mystical place, build by a weird rich guy, and embrace by nature, because now, the wild is covering everything. Like in movies, when a city is abandon and the plants start growing again where it was only concrete.



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