44. Spend a week of salary shopping without the guilt

Normaly I don’t spend a lot of money on shopping, I prefer to spend it with my friends, travel or save it. When I go shopping I always get the felling that I shouldn’t buy this or that, That I should do something more productive, and stuff like that.

So to this item first I got a list (yes, more lists) of what I needed for my vacations, that way I wouldn’t end up spening money in something that would sit on my closet for ever.

My list was this:

  • Bikini
  • Shorts
  • Blouse for a night out
  • Black sandals
  • Blouses for the day
  • Bag for the beach

And I almost got everything I needed, I found with no problem the bikini and the shorts, so as the blouse for a night out, but the blouses that I picked for the day were more for the climate of my hometown not that much for the beach, even though there were going to be more used. I didn’t found the sandals or the bag, but I borrowed one from my mom.

And I spent the rest of the budget in perfumes in Cancún, one for my Mom, one for the girl that cover me at work for the two weeks I was on vacation and one for me! 🙂


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