60. Watch “Before midnight”

I love this trilogy, LOVE IT!! But my favorite still is Before Sunset.

This is the third part of marvelous, romantic, and realistic love story that lasted almost 30 years from the first movie to the last. The chemistry of the main characters flows naturally (because they know each other since they were 25 years old), and the best part is the script. Most Linklater movies are focus on the script, like “Walking Life”and that one is complex and facinating.

But returning to this movie in particular I found it authentic, maybe it is because it all occurs in way day, but I thought that the discussion and the problems that were shown in this movie could happen to any couple that has been together for a while, something that could happen over time, when the in-love face passes and the real thing start to get to the surface.

Like I say, it’s not my favorite of the three but, it still has its own magic.


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