5. Enjoy Holbox and swim with the whale sharks

Holbox is paradise and you most go!

I went on my summer vacation this year, I went with my friend Tania and we had the best time. We stayed in Hotel Tortugas, which is beutiful an unique.

We arrived to Holbox at noon and went to the beach and rest from the trip, we enjoy the view, the sea, the rain and at night, the sky was amazing you could see so many stars, we even saw a shooting star while we were hearing the sea.

I’m telling you, you most go!

I swam with the whale shark in Cancún, not in Holbox as I thought. But this way was better, it was free, thanks to Patrick, Tania’s boyfriend. He took us in his boat to search for the whale shark, and at first we couldn’t find any, there were more manta rays (I’m not sure if that is the correct  translation), which were really awesome to watch, they look like there are flying under the sea.

But after a while we found one whale shark that was all alone, so we put our snorkel and our flippers and jump to water to follow it. It was enormous, probably measure 5 meters (16.40 feet). I was really near and  pass just right beside me following the plakcton. We try to keep up with it, to where it was going but even with the flippers he got away fast, doing his thing. But it was so great to being able to see one. An amazing expirience.

It’s in this moments when I realize how small our we, how tiny we are in comparison with nature and the universe.


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