56. Read all the books of one author I like

This were part of the 12 books that I read this year. This was a gift from a friend of mine for my birthday. Before that I have never heard, read or knew who Veronica Roth was. I actually didn’t knew that by the time I got the books, the movie had already been on theaters (no I don’t live under a rock, but you have a point).

I read Divergent in two weeks, I just couldn’t let it go until I finished it. I was really interested in the categorization of people, and how they thought that could be a solution for human violence. I found it interesting. I even try to figure out what faction would I pick if I was there. I have a thing for fear facing and tatoos, so maybe I would be dauntless. Lol. But the true is that humans has so many facets, and we are in constant change, maybe not our essence or our core, but we tend to be borred easily (and I think the speed of that, is increasing over time), so I’m not sure if I would be borred after a while of jumping in an out of trains, Or from being kind all the time (they would probably would have to give the magic bread daily). Is not that i’m not a kind person, but sometimes I get cranky what can I say, or hangry.

I really enjoy the saga, I like the end and that it wasn’t all happy. And I liked the heroin, Although for all the future writers of epic stories, would you please, please start doing heroes and heroins that acknowledge that they are good, and strong. That is why I love Kvothe so much, because he is not a normal heroe. I love you Patrick Rothfuss. 😛

But, to sums things up, good books, and I liked the idea arround it, and the background of the story in general.



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