25. Start my Homero project taking one picture of me daily

I change this a little. I wasn’t that thrill about taking a selfie daily, so I thought about the project per se, and what I wanted to do with it, and it was seeing my change during a year, but instead I decided to put pictures of me over my 30 years alived, I even put one of my mom pregnant.

While I was searching for the photos I realized that it was a gap of my pictures at the age of 8-10,  I’m not sure what happen there, but that time of my childhood it’s been a theme on therapy too. ¬¬

But coming back to the subject I end up putting a very nice animated video of my pictures (it sound very self center, but normaly I don’t have a lot of pictures of me because I’m always the one taking the pictures).

The most difficult part was choosing the right music, I tried with 20different  songs or so, until I finally go it right. It is a very upbeat song so it makes the video more dynamic.




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