45. Be thankful for everyday

I normaly give thaks for a lot of things that happen, and things that I have. At the end of my yoga class we thank for 5 things that happen that day. But the recapitulation of the year is done in december.

Since 2013 I started this, my therapist told me that before Christmas I should made a list of everything I’m thankful of this year, at least 55 but because of my numerology I should do 88 or 99 so it could add some magic at it.

This really make you realize how great your life is, and focus in the important stuff.

So this year I did it again, I write my list of 88 things I’m thankful for, then I burn that list and said one last thanks to the universe for an amazing year and for the year that It’s just starting.

The picture for this, is one of the things I’m more thankful for 🙂


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