40. Quit watching TV for a month (just movies)/ 98.Finish watching LOST

Well for this one I actually end up renting movies in blockbuster and avoiding TV for a complete month watching LOST, which occupied the whole month and a Little bit of the next one. That is why I decide to make only one post of this, because I actually got absorted by LOST.

Now about LOST I have to say that when I told people that I was on a mission to finish watching this tv show, everyone told me that they never finished watching becuase it became to weird,annoying, or they got bored at some point. And I got to said that I agree with them, at some point during the 4th season I wanted to throw something to the tv and quit, but as I said before, it was a mission, so I kept going and I when I finally saw the end, after trying to get it and make some sense of it in my mind I got depressed that It was actually over, and that I didn’t got a very straight answer. I cried at the end, but that is normal, I always cry with movies and even comercials.

I’m happy that I did finish it, an that now I kind of know the truth, but apparently there is a debate about it, because at the end I understood that everything that happen in the island was like a purgatory phace in which all the characters had to overcome their issues in life, but I read some blogs about it, and apparently I was wrong, The island was real and they died after…but I just can’t understand how, or when, or anything.

Please if there is someone out there that would love to explain to me a Little bit more, that would be awesome.

Lol, Thanks.


3 thoughts on “40. Quit watching TV for a month (just movies)/ 98.Finish watching LOST

  1. Good to know that I’m not the only one who cry watching commercials, ha! About Lost, yes we got really into it and watch it non stop on Netflix for the first 2 seasons or so, and then gave up too. Just last week I saw someone mentioned it online so I googled the ending 🙂 It doesn’t seem to offer a lot of answers to everything that went on. Oh well, at least they finished the show at one point.

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