101.Sing a song in the kareoke by myself

This was a brave moment, impulse by Tequila.

I help out Max and Inga to organized a Latin party and we cooked some “tacos” and sangrita, we bought some cheap asian tequila and even got some DIY piñatas for amusement.

And there was an improvise kareoke booth which was the best part of the party, after the tequila of course.

First I sang a duo with Ruben (the other mexican guy staying in the same house as me), we sang Give the power by Molotov, which aparently everyone in the world knows this song even though is in spanish. But I guess that because it is a protest song and it is targeted to the goverment everyone in the world can relate.

But the one that I sang by myself was Duerme Soñando by El gran Silencio, which is a very fast-paced song. I kind of nailed it (at least I think so), and it was funny because I guess none of the people in the house thought that I could kind of rap or speak that fast.

The picture is from the lyrics, because I didn’t do a selfie at that epic moment of incredible concentration. jajaja.


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