67.Learn to use an Ula-Ula hoop

Well I bought my Ula Ula hoop at least two years ago, and I tried to learn I swear, I even saw some tutorials in YouTube and tried to follow the instructions, but this didn’t work I kept doing something wrong. So I left the Ula-Ula hoop beside my bench in my room hoping that some day I would achive the magic knowledge for it.

And I did! jajaja, Lindsey a woman that I met in april show me the basic stuff and magicaly I was able to do it, I was finally able to keep the hoop moving around me. Since then , I haven’t been able to practice much, but know every time that I see a Ula-Ula hoop laying solo I practice a bit, at least until I get back home.

I have discover though that there are so many cool circus toys like this, and people are doing some amazing things with them. Here are some cool videos that I’ve seen so far:


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