76. Dance no matter who is watching

This past new year’s eve I went with my family to a restaurante named Giuseppe’s. There where at least ten tables with 10 to 12 strangers each…so maybe 120 people was there celebrating new year’s.

After we had dinner, ate our grapes and celebrated the arrival of 2016 my family an I decided that it was time to dance a little, even that the DJ wasn’t very good.

So we stand up and went to the dance floor and start dancing in a circle while all the other tables watch. We star doing like a samba line and dance more and more foolishly because we were having a lot of fun. We looked like we had been paid to be the life of the party.

The DJ and the owner finally killed the mood when they sang twice (in less than half an hour) “You’re so beautiful to me”, which it is a good song but a party killer.

The photo is from the party, but not of the dancing. 😛




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