92. Do a time capsule to open in 20 years from now

Seriously 20 years? I think that is too much, isn’t it?

Well, the truth is that most of the things I have are memories or time capsules in essence. So I decide that I put it all together in my pink box, add some essential things and seal it for 5 years. Which right now I believe that is a lot.

In five year I’m going to be 38 years old! And so much could happen in 5 years from now.

In the past five years, all my friends got married, some got divorced, some had their first children’s, I travel to Asia and Budapest, I learn no dive, I had a radio show online, moved to Mexico city, learn to drive, my grandparents died, I lost some friends, I met some amazing people, my Cinza died, I have seen amazing movies, I have cried and laughed too, I quit smoking and start again and quit again (lol), I went to some awesome concerts, discover great new artists, dance, stretch, learn to meditate, read some very cool books, saw epic sunsets and discover a lot about myself, so lets try five years and see what happens.

I made a list of wishes and put in the pink box with the rest of my life’s memories and I hope the universe grant me.

Time gives a lot of perspectives isn’t?

Have you done a time capsule ever?

How many things you have lived through in the past 5 years?



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