Some facts about me.

My name is Sandra, but very few people call me by my name. My mother had put me ten thousand nicknames, one of them: Benita Pacheco, in honor of one of my grandfather best friends.

I was born in Mexico city in 1984, sixteen months before the worst earthquake the city has felt. And three years later my parents decide to move to Cancun where one of the most devastating hurricanes arrived just a few months after we finish unpacking.

If you add up the numbers of my birthday together:9+5+1+9+8+4= 36= 3+6= the final result is 9, and in numerology, nine has these characteristics: Sign of the artistic genie, humanity sense, tendency to romance and the emotional stuff. Animatedly friendly and likable.  The number nine has persistence, generosity, and spirit. And I think the most accurate characteristic is: Tendency to forgive others mistakes. I found it really funny how this number has some strong points on my character.

My top five movies right now: A matter of time, Before Sunset, Budapest Hotel, The amazing life of Walter Mitty and Vanilla Sky

I have an irrational fear, that even now I haven’t been able to overcome, and it is to put my arm outside the bed. It all comes down to the horror story that my friend told me when I was like 8 years old.

Ice Cream is the best thing in the world, I Love it!

Over the years I had collected a lot of things; stones, stickers, coins, tazos, rings, but my biggest collection is pieces of memories. Every time something is important to me I search for a thing that represents it, like a coaster or a napkin, or a ticket. I’ve been putting all those things in a pink box above my closet.

And to finish up; I have a really big family, there are over 40 members right now (and it’s only from my mother side) and It’s still growing. It’s really fun when we get together, we are loud, exasperating, and very communicative, very.

So this is a little bit about me. 🙂



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