There are thousands of things we do on a lifetime, great and amazing things; there is also a “Dream List” of all the stuff we wish to do, but sometimes it just fades away. The plan for this is to Do and cross out every item on the list before time runs up.

I thought this might bring more charm to the fact that I’m getting older, but hey! they say that the thirties are the new twenties so actually, I’m getting younger.

In this list I include everything I’ve always wanted to do, some projects left behind, and also fear to face, and new good habits to maintain.

Every time I get something done I should post it and illustrate it, all that would be a post on “ITEMS FROM THE LIST” page.

Here it is the list:

  1. Retouch my first tattoo (I got this tattoo 7 years ago and I never return for the second layer so now it’s kind of blurry)
  2. Get at least 5 more tattoos (I’m a tattoo fan, what can I say. 9 would be the perfect score)
  3. Eat Lobster
  4. Visit Teotihuacán (I know, shame on me. Almost 30 and I haven’t been in one of the most important archeological sites of my country)
  5. Enjoy Holbox and swim with the whale sharks
  6. Go to Machu Pichu
  7. Carry Javiera and kiss her fluffy cheeks
  8. Sing “It’s my life” with Bon Jovi
  9. Achieve my goal in the “lonjatlon” (It is a competition between 2 friends and me to lose some extra weight we’ve been carrying. The competition ends on December and the winner will get 2,000.00 pesos for the effort)
  10. Visit Xilitla and the Edward James gardens!
  11. Do a Tandem Jump
  12. Plant a tree
  13. Learn to Surf
  14. Listen to Sigur Ros Live!
  15. Sing a complete song on the Match Box 20 concert
  16. Dye my hair chocolate “reddish”
  17. Cook the supreme spaghetti and invite friends over
  18. Achieve my goal of reading 12 books in a year
  19. Go to a spa day and pamper me
  20. Throw a drink to someone in the face that really deserve it
  21. Run in a race (I want to see what is the fuzz about running on a Sunday)
  22. Dance till dawn
  23. Do something weird and totally unexpected in a public place
  24. Do a video of Javiera with all her pictures
  25. Start my Homero project taking one picture of me daily
  26. Learn French (the basic at least)
  27. Do a poetic act on the streets
  28. Eat a delicious ice cream without guilt
  29. Volunteer
  30. Travel by myself
  31. Write a poem
  32. Do a collection of poems and memorize the best
  33. Take a picture daily of my day and animate it
  34. Learn to play the harmonica
  35. Paint something new
  36. Forgive and accept my dad and start calling him again every week
  37. Taste something totally different in a new restaurant
  38. Learn to read the tarot cards
  39. Do a psicomagic act
  40. Quit watching TV for a month (just movies)
  41. Dance under the rain
  42. Edit my grandpa video and give it as an X-mas gift for the Garcia’s
  43. Watch the sunset with a good bottle of wine
  44. Spend a week of salary shopping without the guilt
  45. Be thankful for every day
  46. Bungee Jump
  47. See the view from an air balloon
  48. Prepare the dessert that I invented as a kid
  49. Visit the Chapultepec castle
  50. Participate in a photographic contest
  51. Watch “To Rome with Love”
  52. Watch “Howl’s moving castle”
  53. Watch “The God Father”
  54. Watch “2001 Space Odyssey”
  55. See the complete filmography of a director I like
  56. Read all the books of one author I like
  57. Try the Tiramisu cupcake
  58. Do the fear monster
  59. Do the timeline project
  60. Watch “Before midnight”
  61. Buy my wayfarer sunglasses and don’t lose them
  62. Investigate the characters from “Midnight in Paris”
  63. Make my dream quilt
  64. Meditate at least once a month
  65. Travel through a highway with a good soundtrack
  66. Kiss someone I like without being drunk
  67. Learn to use an Ula-Ula hoop
  68. Dance with a stranger in a foreign country
  69. Talk after inhaling helium
  70. Celebrate New year’s eve in some place different
  71. Do the “Yes Sr.” challenge for a week
  72. Read a book in 1 night
  73. Visit the place where my grandparents grew up
  74. Do the final payment of my student loan and enjoy some days being “debt free”
  75. Learn to scuba dive
  76. Dance without no matter who is watching
  77. Touch a snake
  78. Sing loud and out of pitch without carrying how bad I do it
  79. Talk with a complete stranger as if we were best friends
  80. Visit a museum that I haven’t been at
  81. Sit in a park and watch people go by
  82. Get all the discography of a new artist and become an active fan
  83. Publish online my music articles
  84. Learn to whistle like a boss
  85. Go to a protest
  86. Drink Mate
  87. Try an eclair
  88. Do a favor to a stranger like “Pay it forward”
  89. Send a message in a bottle
  90. Learn to look for three constellations
  91. Go to Chalma
  92. Do a time capsule to open in 20 years from now
  93. Play with a kite
  94. Build something with my hands
  95. Visit an old library and look for a book with a dedicatory and start a collection
  96. Eat something really strange, like grasshoppers or something like that
  97. Swim naked
  98. Finish watching LOST
  99. Learn how to use Keynote
  100. Wear a bikini proudly not hiding
  101. Sing a song in the karaoke by myself
  102. Be in 2 places at once
  103. Do yoga
  104. Forget my smartphone at home for a day
  105. Invent something
  106. Do a geocache challenge
  107. Do something awesome for Jess’s baby
  108. Go to the holy festival in México
  109. Go to a traditional festivity, or fair, or festival

That’s it, 109 items on the list to cross out…

Ready, Get set, GO!!!


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